Happy Easter. I'm John Hill, CEO for Tech Solutions here on this strategic planning deck. Today. I've got a very timely topic to cover with you, and it's an issue that's growing rapidly. I'm addressing it so that you can address it with your employees. Email accounts represent 38% of the fraud happening online today. But how do you know your victim? Well, here are five telltale signs that might apply.

Number one, Weird Emails. Suddenly you start getting reply emails from people you know or even don't know that has nothing to do with any emails that you've sent. Another sign is finding emails in your sent messages or deleted items that you don't recognize.

Number two, new signature appears. Some type of crazy signature shows up that you don't recognize, and maybe your phone number gets changed inside your normal signature.

Number three, profile changes. Your profile gets changed. Maybe a new method of authentication is added, or maybe your phone number gets updated for forwarding. This one's normally pretty obvious.

Number four, a new auto-forwarding rule gets applied, sending all the messages that contain the word invoice, for instance, to a weird external email address or putting them directly into the trash. Attackers do this so they can read the emails, update them and place the updated version in your inboxes. Unread.

Number five, password changes. You notice a number of password change requests coming into your mailbox from social media, new cloud service providers, and other online tools. This is the attacker trying to get into your other accounts. If you see any of these signs, please contact us or your I.T. department if you have one.

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Let's talk soon. Until then, stay safe and try to avoid cybersecurity risks. Thanks for joining me today for my thoughts from the day. If you found it useful, please feel free to share it with your friends.