Hi, everyone. I'm John Hill, CEO of TechSage Solutions. Back on the strategic planning deck again.

The temperature got up to 101 degrees today. So I'm really happy that it's dropped to a comfortable 94 degrees. Now, while I'm recording this message, something I'm hearing about more and more every day is data privacy or lack thereof. You probably won't believe how much of your private data is easily accessible by almost anyone on the Internet. You might have heard about the GDPR. That's a set of standards developed as law by the European Union and the United Kingdom. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation that has to be complied with by any and all organizations anywhere on the planet that collect target or process data related to the people in the EU and UK.

I suspect that we'll have a similar law adopted here in the United States soon. Meanwhile, what can you do to stop Google, and dozens of people find their websites like Spokeo that host database full of personal information such as your phone number, home address, age, birth date, and even relatives and court records. You can actually opt-out, but you have to do it with each and every site separately. Services such as PrivacyDuck, and Delete Me can do this for you. They certainly aren't free and don't get every single people finder service out there.

I recommend you search on your name to at least know what's being shared publicly and then opt-out accordingly. If you do a Google search, how do I remove my personal information from Google, you will get the information on how to do it. So I suggest you start there. Since Google has 90% or more of your personal data that can be found online.

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