I'm John Hill, CEO of TechSage Solutions, back on the strategic planning deck again.

Has your email been hacked? How do you know if someone's illegally accessing your email? How do you know if you're a victim or not? A scary statistic you may not know is that email account takeover represents 38% of the fraud happening online today. I'll share five telltale signs that can help you. What about weird emails? Suddenly you start getting reply emails from people you know, or perhaps that you don't know that has nothing to do with the emails you sent them. Another related sign is finding emails sent to your deleted items that you don't recognize. What about new email signatures where some type of crazy signature shows up that you don't recognize? Or maybe your phone number gets changed inside the normal signature? There are also profile changes where your profile gets changed, and perhaps a new method of authentication is added, or your phone number gets updated. How about all forwarding? Or new forwarding rule gets applied, sending all of the messages that contain the word invoice, for instance. To a weird external email address or putting them directly into your trash. Attackers do this so they can read these emails, update them and place updated versions in your inboxes unread.

The last time we'll discuss today is password changes. You notice a number of password change requests coming into the air inbox from social media. Cloud service providers or other online tools. This is the attacker trying to get into those other accounts. The key concept here is you should periodically take a look at your email settings to see if there's been any changes that you were unaware of, and that, my friends, will save you a lot of headaches. Do you have questions about cybersecurity or some other I.T. related issues? To schedule a short free consultation with me to discuss your current business situation, go to www.techsagesolutions.com. Until then, stay safe and avoid cybersecurity risks. Thanks for joining me today for my Thoughts From The Deck.

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