Did you know that the number one threat to all organizations is their employees? I know it's hard to imagine, but the people you trust to run your organization are the very same ones putting you at risk. They often download software they shouldn't fall for phishing scams. They click on bad links, weak passwords and open infected files. That doesn't make them bad people just unsuspecting, usually because they're uneducated about the threats that face them each and every day. That's why it's critical to provide your employees with an active, ongoing training regarding cybersecurity and the onslaught of the threats they unknowingly face each and every day. The tips. I share a good start, but they're not enough. I recommend that you implement a formal training program for all employees that actually simulates phishing attacks and other breaches so they can experience first hand how easy it is to make a mistake and keep them hyper aware of the security problems. Even a little bit of awareness training for your employees can go a really long way toward helping keep your company and your employees much safer. If you want to know some easy, inexpensive ways you can get your employees trained, reach out to us and we can advise you on what that training is and how you can enroll.

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