You might notice that I'm not on the strategic planning deck today. I'm here in Galveston, Texas, in front of the Infinity pool. Never forget that e-mail constitutes a legal record that can be admissible in legal actions, not only in the courtroom but in the court of public opinion. People are sued for all kinds of silly reasons. Family members get into disputes. Couples get divorced. Consumers sue. Whenever a lawyer is looking for damaging evidence using a lawsuit. One of the first things they asked for was our e-mail records. And deleting them is not safe, as they can often recover. Also, e-mails are not private. I know many of you are probably amazed by this thing, but absolutely true. Vendors have the right to monitor employees, work, and e-mail, and if you e-mail anything to a friend, you have no legal right to prevent that friend from posting or forwarding it to them want to. So before you hit send, take a minute and make absolutely certain your e-mail doesn't contain something you don't want publicly. First hand your boss, parents, spouse, religiously, or kids are copied on every single e-mail you write.