Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are behind us, holiday cyber crime is in full swing, so don't let your guard down. Gift card purchases and usage are high, providing the perfect cover for threat actors using gift cards to launder money from compromised credit card and payment sites. I've also seen a huge increase in email and text phishing attempts this year. Just remember that you should be at least a little bit suspicious if a Nigerian prince reaches out to you asking for help to get 5 million unrecorded dollars moved into our country to buy Christmas presents for Nigerian immigrants and you get $100,000 just for helping out. We're also seeing a huge increase in ransomware attacks and expect a lot more. Throughout the holidays, we all have so many distractions resulting in a lot more clicking on holiday emails that have malicious payloads just waiting to be activated. I don't want to cause any less enthusiasm for the holiday season, but it will benefit you to be at least a little bit paranoid. Don't be easy prey for the threat actors and don't fall for any of the multitude of threats and schemes circulating around this year that could definitely steal some or all of your holiday joy if you fall for them. #techsagesolutions #johnhill #cybersecurity