Everyone tends to be a little bit more distracted during the holidays, so please don't let your guard down, no matter how diligent you are about security. There's always a chance you can get fooled by clicking on a malicious link or opening an untrusted document. That's why you need to put a plan in place right now to protect yourself and your clients so that the damage is minimized. But what you do when you click that link by mistake, don't just assume you're fine that nothing happened. Hackers have intentionally designed their attacks, so it's not obvious that anything's changed. You might not think anything was accessed or downloaded, but that's probably not the case. Hackers often hide for months inside a network, not making any moves. Why? Because they want to find out as much as they can about their victim. Like how much money you have in the bank available to pay ransom? Or what type of data you may have. They want to sell. So what do you do? Contact your I.T. department immediately. The faster they can address the threat, the better your chances are of preventing a much bigger problem. Your IT department should immediately start conducting a full scan of your computer and your network and taking other appropriate action to protect you as necessary. #techsagesolutions #johnhill #cybersecurity