This may sound like a strange cybersecurity tip, but here it is. Lie, lie and lie. Social engineering is a big business. So what is it? It's figuring out who you are and then using that information to make money people. Of course, that's not something you would do. Do list a password challenge and identity verification information publicly on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and their feeds. Without giving you a second thought. Maiden name Check. Favorite Pet Check. High School check. Town They grew up in Check. Favorite or first car check. Throwback Thursday is a social engineer's dream. They love this stuff. You can combat it by not posting that information online anywhere, or always giving false password and identity verification and challenge information. Keep your real answer file offline. Remember, if it's a handwritten list, you can still take a photo of it to make sure it's safe. Now, here's a super tip that you really should use. Update your Facebook birthday. Consider having a fake birthday that you only use on social media. Not only will this help identify just who's saying happy birthday because Facebook reminded them. It'll also ensure that when someone scrapes your Facebook page, they don't have real information.