Coming to you from a distant deck at Marco Island, Florida, today. Cheers. I just spent the last week at the Kaseya Global Connect Conference getting updates on the current technology landscape from Fred Voccola, CEO for Kaseya. Gary Pike, President of True Methods. Jason Menard, CSO for Kaseya. It was a great lineup of cybersecurity experts also sharing information about the current cybersecurity threat landscape, like Danny Jenkins, CEO of Threatlocker. Michael Crane, CEO of Solutions Granted. And so many others that I can't really mention today. We were also entertained by Jason Alexander, best known for his portrayal of George Costanza on television, Seinfeld show. All the structured parts of the conference were excellent, but the very best part for me is always having the opportunity to network and share information and ideas with my peers from around the country and in this case, from around the world. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to meet and. Is it with many of you that regularly watch my Thoughts From The Deck. Last year we experimented with bringing a couple of our industry friends, Amelia Paro from Id Agent and Mark Winter from Rapid Fire Tools, to join me for Thoughts From The Deck, which was very well received from a lot of great comments. So I'm really working on how we can make that happen several times this year. Now for my Houston friends, I'm going to be speaking about How To Get Sticky With Compliance at the site local in Houston on May 23rd. So please come out and join me. You can go to the Connect Local website to register.