I've got a special announcement for you about an awesome virtual event coming up this week. And that really brightens up my day. I'm super excited to be hosting Small Business Tech Day San Antonio on November 16th from 9 a.m. through about 1 p.m. and we've got a terrific event planned just for you. If you own or manage a small to medium business, this event is for you. If you have an interest in information technology, including cyber threats and cyber security, getting a shark's eye view on the future of small business technology, how artificial intelligence will impact you now as well as in the future, and things you need to know to develop a business that can run on its own. You need to join us for this event too. It's my privilege to share the virtual stage with Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank fame. He's the nice shark, by the way. He'll be sharing his insights on the future of small business technology. Mike Michalowicz, best selling author and mentor for entrepreneurs, is sharing some actionable steps to empower your employees to act like owners so that you can take a vacation. We've also got Adam Shier, co-founder and former VP of engineering for Siri, talking about advances with artificial intelligence, like how AI is affecting us now and how it looks for the future. Plus, myself discussing how current new breed of cyber criminals has intensified the cybersecurity threat landscape and the protections your business needs to get in place right now to safeguard your assets and maybe even save your business. This is an event that you don't want to miss. It's 100% free.