As our society faces substantial challenges with the growing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, TechSage Solutions remains committed to serving our clients, partners, and community. Amid the uncertainty, it’s never been more critical to remain connected with one another, even as we practice social distancing and heightened personal hygiene. It’s critical we keep each other healthy and safe during these uncertain times. At TechSage Solutions, we aim to be completely transparent with you regarding the latest news on our operations and safety precautions through regular updates.

Now, how to think about all of this…

One of the villains in Batman is the Scarecrow. He dresses up in a Halloween costume, but underneath is a mad chemist who has manufactured a toxin that can induce intense, uncontrollable fear in a person, causing them to vividly imagine their WORST fear is upon them.

When used against an enemy, it instantly immobilizes them. When deployed over an entire city, it quickly dissolves humanity into a chaotic, deranged, and terrified mob that turns people against each other, with each person imagining the other to be their biggest nightmare. The Scarecrow is an average man without superpowers and abilities like other people– the only power he has is given to him by his victims.

The exact same situation is going on right now with Coronavirus. People are frozen in fear, eyes locked on the news, unable to think clearly. This may be okay for most, but for an entrepreneur responsible for leading a business, it’s a surefire way to have a business you’ve spent YEARS building unravel in days. Do NOT give this power over you. Do NOT make decisions out of fear.

In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization guidelines, we have taken extra precautions in our office to keep our employees, clients, and partners safe. All TechSage Solutions employees have been trained to practice effective hygiene and social distancing. Those who can work from home are working from home. Voice, text, and video conferencing have proven to be an effective temporary replacement for face-to-face meetings, and our employees working from home are equipped with the technology to communicate with you both quickly and effectively.  For those of you that want to track current information about COVID-19 John Hopkins University provides a tracking map you can refer to

As always, our dedicated workforce is willing and ready to overcome any challenges to ensure your Business Technology needs are met.

John Hill

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The SBA is offering small business loans at very low rates. Here’s where you can apply:

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Barbara Greene with Greene and Associates through Career Partners International equity partnership, is providing a free online Resource Center for unemployed or professional career transition services.

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Dr. Rolando Perez, Alon Family Health\Alon Virtual Health If you have never used telehealth before or are hesitant to utilize this service, rest assured you will receive the excellent medical care you deserve.  Please check out our web site for more information or to make an appointment.

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This tool is Included in your Microsoft Office 365 Licensing at the Business Essentials, Business Premium, E1, and E3 levels.  You can also sign up for Microsoft Teams FREE Version

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Slack a single place for messaging, tools and files — helping everyone save time and collaborate together.

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