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Introducing HIPAA Help Center

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TechSage Solutions has partnered with HIPAA Help Center to provide online HIPAA certification and training at a cost-effective price. Our goal is to help make your business as efficient and profitable as possible. We will work with you to help solve your problems, while understanding that you have limited resources and budget. We provide tools to help assist you with HIPAA Compliance.

Our staff utilizes HIPAA training through HIPAA Help Center. Why do we recommend it? Because, we USE it ourselves. HIPAA Help Center provides an all-encompassing and comprehensive training in HIPAA compliance for business associates, security officers and medical staff managers.

We offer Encrypted Email, Laptop And Hard Drive Encryption, Secure Off-Site Backups and HIPAA Compliance Officer and Staff Training.

The cloud-based HIPAA Help Center online curriculum is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals and incorporates contextual and audio/video content with hands-on practice sessions, helpful review quizzes and exams. All courses are modular, allowing students to stop and start at their own pace and on their own schedule.


If you need policies and procedures for your office, HIPAA Help Center is the way to go. With this software, you will be given templates that you can use in your office to help further educate others about HIPAA compliance. Contact us using the link below to schedule a FREE demo. Imagine being HIPAA Compliant in less than an hour a week, it's possible'