If you use chatbots to simplify repetitive tasks in your business, the news that Microsoft's Copilot Chatbot Builder is now a standard feature of a Copilot Pro subscription will be welcome. In addition, subscribers can now use Copilot within Microsoft 365 apps, eliminating the need to purchase an additional subscription if they want access to generative AI functionality on Microsoft Teams and more. 

While previous versions of Copilot included a selection of ready-to-use chatbots for tasks like cooking, vacation planning, and working out, the Builder tool allows you to create your own for specialized functions. 

How Microsoft's Copilot Chatbot Builder Works 

Microsoft's Copilot Chatbot Builder doesn't require any coding skills. Instead, you can use a series of prompts, guides, and natural language to build a chatbot for virtually any function. 

First, you give the chatbot a name and describe its purpose, giving it instructions for what you want it to do. 

The Copilot Chatbot Builder may ask additional questions to clarify your task and provide sample prompts, including topics to avoid or include in responses. Once you answer all the questions, the builder will produce the chatbot you can add to your site. 

One of the most useful features of the Chatbot Builder for businesses is the ability to specify Retrieval Augmented Generation for responses. This feature ensures that the chatbot pulls information from your organization to provide accurate responses. For instance, if you want to provide a place where employees can search for answers regarding your company policies, use RAG to build the chatbot, which focuses the responses on your company data. 

Microsoft's Copilot Chatbot Builder also includes the ability to create GPTs that generate images using DALL-E 3's image generation function. 

Using Chatbot Builder to Your Advantage

Adding the Chatbot Builder to Microsoft Copilot can save you a lot of time, especially if you regularly use Copilot's AI functions to perform daily business tasks. Instead of entering elaborate instructions whenever you need to complete the same functions, you can use the custom chatbot to perform the query. 

If you choose the option in the building menu that makes your custom GPTs public, they can play an important role in many facets of your company, including HR management and customer service. From a management perspective, a chatbot can reduce time spent answering repetitive questions or tackling simple tasks, freeing your schedule for other priorities. 

Microsoft's Copilot Chatbot Builder is now available to all Copilot Pro subscribers. A subscription is $30 per month. 


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