Empower the right people with quick and secure access to your systems no matter the device or location

The cybercrime landscape is continuously evolving.  That said, you need to stay on top of the emerging risks and vulnerabilities and keep your business protected from any potential breaches.

Did you know that nearly 70% of hacking-related breaches are caused by stolen or weak passwords?  A single layer of security such as a password is no longer enough to shield your business applications and systems from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.  You need a comprehensive solution that streamlines your identity and access challenges without sacrificing user convenience or productivity.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)
When Passwords Can No Longer Cut It

IAM is your one-stop solution for enforcing stringent user identity verification practices and blocking any unauthorized access to your critical data. The solution combines and integrates several distinct security tools under a single platform to guarantee all-round security of your business systems and applications. Here are the three compelling reasons why you need IAM for your business:

Two-factor/Multi-factor Authentication

Since passwords alone can no longer guarantee the safety of your critical business systems and data, IAM introduces a multi-layered preventive approach to security. It obligates your employees to validate their identity and access permissions via multiple unique factors, thereby eliminating the risks associated with stolen or exposed passwords.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Your employees need to log in to multiple applications, websites, and cloud services on any given workday. IAM’s SSO empowers users with the ability to securely access multiple applications with a single login using a single set of credentials. SSO enforces strong password practices, minimizes password fatigue, and eliminates the strain on your technical support for frequent password resets.

Password Server

IAM’s password server assists users in storing, organizing, and managing the passwords that they use for logging in to various applications. The password server securely encrypts and stores all user passwords and you can access these with a single master password. You can make security a priority for your business by automating and streamlining all your credential-related tasks.

Why You Need Identity and Access Management

IAM quickly adapts to your daily operational requirements by seamlessly integrating with the applications you need to run your business every day. It provides you with the level of security your business needs to stay protected from the sophisticated cyberthreats of today.

IAM provides you with a comprehensive security solution without compromising the productivity and flexibility of your employees. And, that’s not all. You can partner with a managed service provider to customize IAM as per your unique security and access requirements and avail of this security as a service solution at a highly affordable price!

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