From Weakest Link to Human Firewall

Empower Employees To Be Cybersecurity Champions

Cybercrime continues to rapidly increase and evolve, wreaking havoc across the globe, particularly among small and mid-sized businesses. Bad actors and malicious outsiders are hacking human behavior, using psychological tricks and deception to manipulate individuals into divulging private or sensitive information, such as their user credentials, financial information and other sensitive data — or tricking them into unwittingly downloading malware.

Studies and Research Expose Alarming Results

  • 53% of SMBs cite phishing or social engineering as the number one form of cyberattack experienced
  • 20% of breaches can be attributed directly to the use of stolen credentials or hacking
  • 68% of phishing attacks impersonate trusted brands or individuals
  • 77% of ransomware attacks bypass email filtering while 52% bypass endpoint security
  • 24% of ransomware incidents could be traced to third-party vendor compromises
  • 66% of respondents said their organization experienced a cyberattack in the past 12 months.

The total costs and long-term effects of a data breach can be devastating to a business.

To Be Forewarned Is to Be Forearmed

While your organization may have the strongest and most up-to-date security systems in place, it could prove to be a wasted investment if your staff isn’t adequately trained as well. Users are still the weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity. Employee education is the only way to ensure that your workforce follows best practices, thereby limiting the risk and vulnerability your organization could be exposed to, while also creating a culture of security.

Most employees have zero knowledge or understanding about existing threats or how to detect them on their own. Effective security awareness training will empower employees with the insight and confidence they need to identify cybersecurity threats and proactively work to avoid falling victim to them.

The Best Cybersecurity Defense Is a Good Employee Offense

It only takes one click, mistake or simple user error for a hacker to infiltrate your network. We can help your team reinforce any gaps or vulnerabilities in your security systems and implement a user-friendly and effective security awareness training program that will arm your employees with the crucial advantage necessary to protect against cyber threats.

Take advantage of our complimentary digital risk analysis today and start turning your weakest link into your strongest defense.