How A Childhood Dream Of Space Exploration Led John Hill To Become The Top Compliance Expert For DoD Contractors In Central And South Texas

A servant attitude and a fascination with science and space exploration. That’s what sparked the interest of John Hill, founder of TechSage Solutions, in electronics and computers back in the ‘60s and led him to become actively involved with computers in the 1970s.

John became interested in science, space exploration and technology when visiting his aunt and uncle in Cocoa Beach, Florida. While sitting on the roof of their house, he was mesmerized watching rocket launches from the space center on Cape Canaveral. He took a keen interest in science and technology after reading Tom Swift books about a teenage scientist and inventor who built a spaceship. As a teenager, John became even more excited about space travel when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin successfully landed on the moon. He credits his mother, who was a science teacher; his grandparents, who were teachers as well; and his reading tutor for influencing his servant attitude. “Teachers have been a big part of my life,” John said. “When I first learned to read, I struggled and hated reading until a reading teacher helped me. I’ve been a voracious reader ever since. These people inspired a strong desire to be of service.