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TechSage is more than an IT firm…they embrace our organization as part of their family, and goes the extra mile to ensure their family is equipped with the resources/services needed to fuel our IT systems. Their approach is personalized. TechSage continually takes the time to understand what we do as an organization, affording them the ability to fashion the services they provide around our specific needs. Understanding what we do and what IT systems we need to reign successful frees our staff to focus on organizational growth versus battling system down time obstacles.

TechSage always demonstrates knowledge, coupled with responsiveness…always with the right solution to ensure our systems are functioning properly, posturing our organization in a proactive versus reactive stance. As part of their continued monitoring/maintenance, they are present before we even realize we needed assistance.

Jennifer Mitchell Chief Operating Officer
BTL Technologies, Inc.

TechSage has been more of a partner than a contractor

TechSage has been more of a partner than a contractor. We are a small start-up company and they work with us to meet our needs in a way that best for us rather than what might be good for bigger more established company.

As a contract service, rather than being an in-house IT group, TechSage has always been very responsive when we have issues that need to be addressed.  We don’t get placed in a “que” while other companies get attention first.

Sy Griffey Biomedical Consultant

TechSage follows through, does what they say they are going to do

The single biggest benefit to working with TechSage is knowing that our computers are monitored and our data is protected, love the WebRoot feature that alerts us to compromised websites!

TechSage follows through, does what they say they are going to do, and always responds courteously and promptly to any issues……we are small potatoes for you guys and I’ve never felt like we are treated as though we are ‘less important’.

We love you guys!

Louise Sevilla Business Manager
Dental Partners, LLC