You might think that my face looks kind of red. And you're right. I was complacent about putting on a good coat of sunblock before I spent several hours kayaking at Canyon Lake in the early afternoon a couple of days ago. It was great fun, but I'm paying for it now with a pretty intense and painful sunburn.

There is a critical area that you should definitely want to avoid being complacent on, and that's your computer patching and updating. There's thousands of hackers who get up every morning with one goal in mind, and that's to find a new vulnerability in a commonly installed software like Adobe, Microsoft Office, Chrome, QuickBooks and more to gain access to millions of their users, computer systems and their data. That's why these software companies frequently issue patches and updates for newly discovered and well known security flaws. Once a known vulnerability is announced, the patch hackers get to work like crazy, trying to figure out how to use the vulnerability to access those users who are either lazy or complacent about installing updates. That's why it's important to update install software programs as soon as absolutely possible. Of course, if you're one of our clients, we're monitoring your business systems for these updates and installing them for you. But your home computers, smartphones and other devices that are not under our protection will require you personally to be diligent about installing updates and patches.