Wishing all of you our family tech sage team, friends, and business associates a very merry Christmas and holiday season. Now, normally I'd have a great glass of wine to toast you with, but this chilly weather call for a cup of hot chocolate spiked with a wonderful chocolate-infused vodka. Beth and I discovered it a couple of weeks ago at Canyon Lake. It's a bright, sunny 50-degree Christmas Day today. I know that for some of you that would be t-shirt and shorts weather. But for those of us that choose to live in South Central Texas, it's still pretty chilly. Last night, Beth and I spent a wonderful, relaxing evening with family. Quite a change from the last few hectic weeks we've had taking care of the year-end needs of our clients. While you're enjoying yourself, please remember that cyber criminals don't take a day off. They really like the fact that you're relaxed, that you're enjoying yourself because that's when you let your guard down and often get careless giving them that opening they need to attack your computer systems. Have a great time and enjoy your friends and family. But keep cyber security in the back of your mind to help you continue to enjoy your holidays