I'm excited to let everyone know that my book, the Compliance Formula, Successful Strategies of CMC Compliant Companies, had a very successful launch last Thursday and achieved Amazon number one best seller. I really appreciate all of you that supported me by purchasing a copy of the book. I think I've mentioned this before, but I wanted to again myself and the co-authors of the book are donating all royalties of book sales to the Saint Jude Children's Hospital to help support all the great work that they do. Hopefully I'll have an opportunity to meet some of you that I don't know as I attend events around the country this year. Next week I plan to start a discussion about compliance frameworks because as a business owner or manager, you are facing an ever-growing battle against cyber criminals and the ever-increasing compliance requirements being mandated by all levels of government, as well as the growing need for getting cyber insurance to help protect yourself and your business.