You'll probably notice that I toasted you with a wine chalice, and this hat is very similar to the one that Indiana Jones wears. Now, you might remember the statement that Indiana Jones made Don't bring a sword to a gunfight. Well, that statement is absolutely true. And the cybersecurity and compliance space, when it comes to protecting yourself and your company from cyber threats, you have to be sure you're bringing the right weapons to the fight. The days of just having a firewall or a simple antivirus are long, long over. I really had a great time at the conference while learning a lot and had the opportunity to visit with a lot of new cybersecurity tool vendors and see demos of their products and services. Now I do try to attend 2 to 3 conferences similar to this every year to help me learn about all the new threats and the new tools and to stay on a first name basis with many of our current vendors and get on a first name basis with a lot of new vendors. You know, I may need to partner with them in the future. The cybersecurity threat landscape is continually changing and it's growing worse all the time. So I'm always on the lookout for new products and services that we can provide ourselves and our clients. The very best protection at the best price point available.