At this point, most of you have probably heard something about ChatGPT since it's been in all the news recently. There's a lot of pros and cons about it, so I thought I'd have a brief discussion with you about AI in general, what it is, and some cybersecurity concerns that many experts have about it. There's a lot of different types of artificial intelligence. So let's briefly talk about them. If you've ever used Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft, Cortana or Apple, Siri or with any type of chatbot that you've interacted with, artificial intelligence technology. There's a lot of opinions on how many different types of AI that have been developed. So here are some of the main types. We've got artificial narrow intelligence, an AI that describes AI tools designed to carry out very specific functions or commands. But it's unable to independently learn. Then we have artificial general intelligence, AGI AI designed to learn, to think, to perform at similar levels to humans. Artificial superintelligence. Ai able to surpass the knowledge and capabilities of humans. Now, to my knowledge, that hasn't been created yet. Thank goodness. Reactive machines. Ai capable of responding to external stimuli in real time but unable to build memory or store information for the future. And then we've got self-aware AI that can recognize emotions, plus has a sense of self and human level intelligence. The final stage of, I think, of Skynet in the Terminator movies. Thank goodness that hasn't been developed yet and hopefully never will. Now there are a lot of great uses for AI to help us humans, but there's a lot of ways it can be misused as well. Chat GPT Standing for generative Pre-trained Transformer is an advanced chat bot launched by Open AI in November 2022. It's able to comprehend and generate natural language or human text. It's been trained with tons of information and uses an algorithm called Transformer to learn how to respond in ways that's very similar to the way human conversation works. Now, cybersecurity experts are concerned that cyber criminals are using it to create very convincing phishing emails. Open AI calls, Chat bot, the smartest chat bot that's ever been created since it does have the ability to provide very human like responses to. Of course, humans like us, chat bot tools like chat. GPT can generate a lot of fake news. Large scale, especially if they're used to create deepfake audio or video recordings. Well, I know this has been a very high level of AI, but hopefully it's been informational for you and maybe encourage you to look more deeply. I need you to do some more research myself, but hopefully in the next few weeks I can give you some more details on the growing cybersecurity concerns that the rapid advances in artificial intelligence are creating.