I'm John Hill, CEO for TechSage Solutions, back on the strategic planning deck again. Recently, when I've talked with business leaders about the importance of using a password vault to store passwords, the response I've received concerns me just a bit. Many tell me that they don't need a password vault because they just allow their internet browsers to save their passwords, and it easy to log on to the sites they need to use. When they tell me this, I always respond that storing passwords or credit card numbers in your browser is definitely a very bad thing to do. Now, why is it you might ask?

First, anyone who snoops around your computer can easily log into accounts that you have with a little difficulty.
Second, most browsers are not designed to be highly secure. And there are many web applications and other websites that can strip the passwords straight from those browsers with very little difficulty. But bad actors can easily access passwords from your browser with little difficulty as well. We recommend using a professional grade password manager such as LastPass or 1Password. That way you have a complex password stored in a way that makes you a lot less vulnerable to a breach. Adding two factor or multifactor authentication to all of your logins is an excellent way to make it even more difficult for the hackers to get to you.
Stay safe and avoid cybersecurity risk. Thanks for joining me today for my thoughts from the deck. If you found it useful, please feel free to share it with your friends. Cheers.