Many people out there think that if they have a trial version of an antivirus program on their computer that came with that computer several years ago when they bought it and has never, ever been updated, it will completely protect them from cybersecurity threats. And they are absolutely wrong. The truth is that these days the danger from viruses, malware, ransomware and other malicious threats is greater than ever before, and you must have advanced threat protection to keep you from being a sitting duck for the hackers that deploy the threats. You can never be 100% safe from the current cybersecurity threats, but you can protect yourself from a lot of them. Part of any effective threat protection goes back to education for you and your team. Your first line of defense is being cautious about clicking on and opening emails. Be extremely cautious. Don't click on links that look odd and don't open attachments like word Excel pdf zip that you're not expecting. Second, you must upgrade to an advanced security solution that doesn't just scan the files but actively monitors for strange behavior on your computers and only allow certain trusted programs to run. Also, with everyone working from home, you and your team must have an advanced firewall right there on your computer. Gone are the days when everyone's behind the corporate firewall. The bottom line here is that you must have a layered approach to protecting yourself and your team from those multitude of cybersecurity threats we all face every day, whether we're working inside the company boundaries or not.