When I talk with business owners about cybersecurity and the dangers associated with the dark web, I'm often met with a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about what the dark web really is. The dark web, or is it sometimes referred to the deep web, is part of the World Wide Web. We know and love that successful only via special anonymous tor browsers. Many of the sites require someone to vouch for you before you're actually allowed access. That's why it's considered the playground for hackers, cyber criminals, drug dealers, human traffickers and more. Because hacking is now a for profit business. There are criminal entities that steal, combine and sell personal information on the dark web like passwords, Social Security numbers, bank account information and credit cards. Pretty much all of the information needed to steal your identity. If your network are one of the people in your company has been breached, their passwords and other credentials will show up on the dark web.

This week's thought is simple. Find out what data you have on the dark web before someone uses it to gain more access to your systems. But you've got to be careful. Some websites offering to help you do this, or scams designed to con you into giving away private credentials that will allow the bad guys to compromise even more of your personal data. If you want to know what's out there on the dark web about you, your company and your employees reach out to us, 210-582-5814.

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