This week, we'll finish our brief overview of the cybersecurity frameworks. Five High level Functions. So far, we've briefly discussed the identify, protect, detect, and respond functions. The fifth high-level function we need to discuss is the recover function. And I think you'll agree that recovering from a cyber incident is an important part of being able to stay in business. The concept behind the recover function is that we must develop and implement appropriate activities that help us to maintain plans for resilience and allow us to recover or restore any business capabilities or services that may have been disrupted due to a cybersecurity event. Some examples of outcome strategies included in this function are recovery planning. Improvement and critical communications must happen. Well, this is finished our very high-level review of the cybersecurity framework and it really only scratches the surface of the guidance it gives us to help protect our businesses and even our homes from disasters driven by cyber criminals in this high-threat environment that we're faced with today. #techsagesolutions#cybersecurity#NISTFramework