I'd like for you to think about this with people working from who knows where. And with so many access points from cell phones to laptops and home computers. How can anyone hope to keep their network safe from hackers, viruses, or other unintentional security breaches? The answer is that there's not just one thing, but a whole series of things that you have to implement and be constantly vigilant about, such as installing and continually updating your firewall, your antivirus, your spam filtering software and backups. That's really the reason why clients hire outsourced I.T., isn't it? It's a full time job for someone with a specific kind of expertise that can help get it done. What's the basic foundations put in place? The next most important thing for you as a business owner or manager can do is create an Acceptable Use Policy and train your employees on exactly how to safely and securely use company devices and other security protocols. A great example of this is never accessing company email data or applications with an unprotected home PC or device. Also teaching them how to create good passwords. How to recognize a phishing email and what websites to never ever access. Never assume your employees know everything they need to know about cybersecurity. Threats are ever evolving and attacks are getting more and more sophisticated and clever by the minute.