Storing passwords and credit cards in your browser is a huge open door for hackers, so please don't do it ever. First issue is that anyone and it doesn't even have to be a cybercriminal who sleeps around your computer can log in to any accounts with online access that you might have with relative ease. Second, most frequently used browsers are not highly secure applications, and there's many applications and websites that can strip your passwords from your browser without you knowing anything about it. I recommend using a business grade password manager such as keeper, password, boss, or one pass. That way you can have highly complex passwords stored in a way that makes you a lot less vulnerable to a breach. In addition to using a password vault or manager, you should consider adding multifactor or two factor authentication to your login process. It has a few seconds to your login process, but even if you're logging credentials like your login ID and your password have been compromised, it's much more difficult for cybercriminals to actually get into your systems.