Let's talk about Compliance. What it is and why it's so important in today's business environment. Do the ever-intensifying cyber threat landscape facing all of us? A lot of us don't even think about compliance and cybersecurity at all. But some of us that do tend to use compliance and cybersecurity interchangeably when nothing could be further from the truth. It's true that the two terms are very synergistic with each other, but they're definitely not the same thing. Compliance means that you're following the rules or doing something that someone else told you to do to avoid problems with your cybersecurity. However, cybersecurity, simply put, is protecting yourself and your company from cyber-attacks. Compliance includes things like the implementation of controls such as passwords and quarantines, while cybersecurity includes choosing between different techniques to make sure that you're able to protect your data from hackers or any other kind of threat, including viruses, malware, or other pieces of malicious software. There are different kinds of compliance programs out there that can help you understand how to protect your organization's data. They work by educating employees and providing them with the tools they need to be able to protect themselves and your business from threats. While cybersecurity is simply dependent on what your personal preferences are when it comes to what kind of cybersecurity to use or how you determine the level of risk that's acceptable for your business, Complying with mandates can also make you safer once you've implemented effective security procedures. When it comes to your business and other people who can hack into it illegally, cybersecurity is just part of compliance and not the other way around. It's all about taking care of your confidential data by following some security practices that will protect it from any kind of threat possible. Just like many other companies do, I'd recommend that you try to learn more about how compliance and security are different to understand your needs on both fronts.