In May of 2021, on the eve of Mother's Day weekend, cybercriminals launched the Darkside ransomware attack against the IT network of Colonial Pipeline that runs 5500 miles of fuel pipelines all down the East Coast, causing a week-long suspension of operations that resulted in tremendous gas shortages. Please remember that cybercriminals often use holidays to distract you from looking closely at your emails so that maybe, just maybe, you'll be attracted to that poison link offering a discount or something free for the holiday that you'll then click on. And since you're focused on the holiday, unless suspicious of anything strange in the email. Human errors lead to about 95% of all data breaches, and these errors are more likely to occur when people are distracted like during holidays. My message here is that you must always be on guard when looking at your email and if anything at all looks the slightest bit odd, don't click on it.