This is John Hill, CEO of TechSage Solutions. And as you might notice, I'm not on the strategic planning deck this weekend. I'm actually down at Galveston having a strategic weekend, planning out some of our strategies for the rest of the year. But I wanted to stop for a few minutes and just give brief thoughts on the beach.

Number one, lock down your devices with a PIN number or fingerprint, whatever you're traveling. If you don't have it that way already, in my opinion, everyone should have that anyway. But be sure and lock the devices down, especially when you're traveling.

Be cautious of public Wi-Fi, even the Wi-Fi in your hotel room that can be compromised because it can allow bad actors to get into your machine and potentially even steal your data. Be sure to disable the auto-connect on your devices with auto-connect. You know you can walk into a store, walk by somewhere, especially like in downtown Galveston that has a Wi-Fi that you connect to automatically and it downloads some malicious software onto your machine.

Install antivirus on your computers, anything even your phone.

Think of the things that you've been taught, hopefully with your businesses. And until then, next week I'll get back to you with some additional thoughts from today. So I hope everyone has a great week and we'll see you then.