I'm on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas doing a site survey for a big project we've got coming up. And it's going to involve a lot of IoT or Internet of Things devices. So it's a great opportunity for me to share some critical cybersecurity information about the Internet of Things (IoT) with you.

First of all, why is IoT security important? Well, there are actually several reasons why the Internet of Things security risk is such a challenge. One of the first things we have to consider is that there's a rapidly growing list of devices that are considered to be smart or IoT devices. Many of these devices are types of sensors that are being used in everything from water tanks to appliances to cars and refrigerators. These days, the list of applications where it can be used is almost endless. By the end of this year, 2022, experts estimate there will be over 50 billion devices for use in the world, and the pace is only accelerating.

This rapid adoption lends itself to the next problem. Many current IoT devices have minimal or no security features. The takeaway here is to take advantage of whatever security capability your IOT device or system has and isolate the devices on their own network. This helps to ensure that nothing else can be compromised through low security IOT devices