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Thoughts From The Beach

This is John Hill, CEO of TechSage Solutions. And as you might notice, I'm not on the strategic planning deck this weekend. I'm actually down at Galveston having a strategic weekend, planning out some of our strategies for the rest ...

White House Cybersecurity Fact Sheet Release

I'm John Hill, CEO of TechSage Solutions here on the strategic planning deck. Again, cheers. Just a few days ago, the administration released a fact sheet titled Act Now to Protect Against Potential Cyberattacks in response to the evolving intelligence ...

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Video 3

I'm John Hill, CEO for TechSage Solutions here on the strategic planning deck. Again, cheers. I'm enjoying a beautiful, clear, warm day today, so I really hope you are too. Now that you learned about cybersecurity and general risk assessments, ...

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Part 2

Not only are there cyber risks, there is also general business risk. This could include weather destruction, theft, employee error, or anything else that might cause a business disruption. Periodic risk assessments are important to uncover possible risks.

A St. Patrick's Day Message from the Thoughts From The Deck

Happy St. Patrick's Day from TechSage Solutions

Importance of Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

There are risks to having a business. One of the biggest risks is cybersecurity. How would one know if they have cyber threats in their business technology? Having a risk assessment is the first step.

Current Cybersecurity Concerns

It is important to put basic security practices in place.

Book Launch

Launch of New Book. The Amazon link is


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